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Kristen Stockton

Kristen Stockton brings over 25 years of professional experience in diversity and inclusion, organizational effectiveness, corporate social responsibility and culture change to SHAMBAUGH.  Kristen’s 25 years of experience centers around her management roles in overseeing large scale programs and initiatives that enable organizations to become an “employer of choice.”   Prior to joining SHAMBAUGH’s team in 2018, she was an Associate Director at KPMG for fourteen years leading strategies to support the firm’s diversity, inclusion and employer of choice strategies.

Kristen’s background is a unique blend of working across non-profit, private and public sector organizations and hands on experience in executing strategic initiatives aligned with corporate mission and vision. She is a strong leader and change catalyst with demonstrated success in tackling a wide range of workplace and workforce challenges using keen insight, creativity and innovation.  An accomplished speaker and presenter she’s spoken on key workplace topics through notable professional organizations; World at Work, Conference Board, Working Mother, Points of Light Foundation, Corporate Voices, Disability IN (former USBLN), Disability Matters.

Kristen aspires to coach professionals on navigating career transitions and flexibility strategies during significant life events, helping them identify ways to be successful at both their work and career ambitions.   She has successfully lead leadership development and training initiatives that fostered professional growth and retention for women at other diverse professionals at KPMG.   In addition, she is well versed in disability inclusion, and participated in the 2017 Center for Talent Innovation study examining the issues facing professionals with a disability in the workforce, as well as those who are caregivers for a person with a disability and has been a strong advocate and coach for caregivers creating tools and resources to support “selfcare” strategies.

Kristen is a graduate of West Chester University with a BA in Education.  She has a Masters from American University in Arts Management.  She also earned a Certificate in Community Relations from Boston College Carroll School of Management and is pursuing an Associate Coach Certification through Coaching Out of the Box an International Coaching Federation accredited program.

Kristen resides in Northern Virginia with her spouse and has a twenty-one-year-old daughter who lives in Lancaster, PA.  She is a volunteer with 4word women, serving as a co-leader for their local group serving working women in Washington, DC metro area and is a facilitator for 4word women’s national leader annual retreat.