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It's Not a Glass Ceiling, It's a Sticky Floor

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Rebecca Shambaugh illustrates what really holds women back from reaching their full leadership potential, which is right below their own feet — the sticky floor.

These sticky floors are self-limiting beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors that can self-limit women’s ability to achieve their career goals and bring their greatest gifts and value to their teams and organization.

This interactive and engaging book is based on SHABAUGH’s 18 years of gender studies, experience, and unconventional  approach for developing advancing, and retaining women leaders.

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Learn from Rebecca’s compelling stories and experience coaching 100’s of women across the globe on how to avoid or overcome the common traps that hold women back in their careers.

    Are You Limiting Your Own Career Growth?
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Book Reviews:

"Awesome toolbox, particularly for women who find themselves trying to figure out how to break into the 'C-suite' and truly be corporate leaders. Easy to read and very accessible for many future references. Successful leaders will find a dog-eared version of 'Sticky Floor' in their continuous reading pile!”

“This is a fantastic book which lays out what it takes to move into a senior executive role. There are numerous exercises and lots of practical tips and real life examples including many from the authors personal experiences of life in Corporate America and then building her own successful business.”