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Make Room for Her

The Integrated Leadership Model - Better Balance Leads To Better Business Results

Rebecca Shambaugh's groundbreaking new book argues that business leaders need to embrace and leverage the broader spectrum of human intelligence that fosters a balanced leadership perspective and yields better business results.

Shifting market conditions, higher customer expectations, ever-evolving workforce demographics, constant advances in technology and rapid social changes are causing many business leaders to rethink the kind of leadership that is needed to navigate the new terrain.

These trends call for a new leadership model – Integrated Leadership – that embraces and leverages the strengths of both men and women leaders.

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Make Room for Her reveals:  

  • What an “Integrated Leadership” Model Looks Like
  • The So What of Brain Science and It’s Connection to Integrated Leadership
  • Why the Integrated Leadership Approach is Powerful – and Sustainable
  • What Organizations, Men and Women Can Do to Harness the Unique Qualities of Men and Women
  • How to Ensure Female Talents Don't Go Unnoticed

Featuring interviews with more than 50 top executives as well as case studies based on Shambaugh's work
coaching hundreds of women and men leaders, Make Room for Her is essential reading for anyone who hopes
to lead an organization to greatness.

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Book Reviews

Rebecca Shambaugh has done it again! She has moved from a book about women to a book about people and how Integrated Leadership is the model for the 21st century. Rebecca weaves throughout the book real people, situations, success and failure and "how to" suggestions that offer a very balanced approach for a win/win with a great sense of style and humor. The time has come for us to stop talking about what it would be like to have a collaborative and engaging employee base that leaves the bias at the door and move into action. Hard to do when we don't realize they exist....Rebecca shines a light on many of the unspoken questions, concerns and obstacles that get in our way to the possibilities on what we want instead.

As a former corporate executive that experienced much of what was shared in this book and now CEO of Turning Point Institute that works with organizations that want to move from conversation to action by helping others to bring their A Game to the table regardless of gender, this book not only validates the need but provides tangible tools to implement for real change. Rebecca's book "Its not the glass ceiling, its the sticky floor" is a great book for mid-level professional women to garner insight wisdom and knowledge and a complimentary read to this version 2.0 plus! I highly recommend both.


Too often, the conversation about women and leadership focuses on what women want, need, deserve and haven't achieved. Rebecca Shambaugh makes a brilliant case for how companies can thrive when they have a collective "whole brain" approach to leadership, from decision-making to problem-solving, driving innovation or getting close to the customer. Hey, we all know that women and men behave differently; Shambaugh shows how when we put enough great male and female leaders together, the impact on the business is significant and measurable. This is a thoughtful, well-researched, yet practical guide to bringing women into the leadership roles, and helping organizations integrate the styles of men and women to drive performance.

As the CEO of Bates Communications, a strategic consulting firm that advises senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, I have seen first hand how leadership teams struggle to get women on the LT and take advantage of the differences they bring to the table. This isn't about fairness; it's about business performance. Rebecca Shambaugh's years of experience working with women to accelerate their careers is evident in her actionable advice. And, as an author, I really appreciate Shambaugh's storytelling. It makes it interesting and educational. Buy it, read it, and learn!

Book Endorsements

Rebecca Shambaugh’s extremely informative, entertaining and insightful new book, Make Room For Her, is aimed at both a male and female audience.  It succinctly describes business leadership models that drive top performance in organizations as well as proactive steps female executives can take to assume responsibility for their careers and become a significant part of the leadership equation.
 - Karen Bechtel, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

“Make Room” to read Rebecca Shambaugh's new book on integrated leadership. It will cause you to rethink the leadership model your organization follows and provide you with clear strategies for integrating the best of both men and women leaders to drive performance.
 - Dottie Brienza, Chief Diversity Officer & Executive Talent Leader, Merck

Rebecca Shambaugh’s years of strategic leadership development, her extensive study of current business trends, and her real world interactions with industry leaders have given her extraordinary insight into the importance of increasing women’s senior leadership roles.
- John B. Veihmeyer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, KPMG LLP