Creating An Inclusive Culture That Drives High-Performance Organizations

The new ROI for today’s organizations is based on their capacity to tap into and fully utilize the widest possible range of cognitive diversity while having a culture that embodies a unified and inclusive workforce.

Traditional attempts have fallen short of creating inclusive workplace cultures necessary to mobilize and engage all diverse talent to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive market place.

Inclusive Culture

At SHAMBAUGH we focus on creating inclusion for driving high-performance cultures and leadership

We provide an integrated approach that is tailored to our client’s specific needs and business objectives; each step naturally builds upon the other to create sustainable outcomes that support the organization’s overall growth, competitive advantage, and vitality.

We work closely with clients to create a culture of inclusion that results in enhanced levels of engagement, greater levels of performance and innovation, and collaborative partnerships across the enterprise.

SHAMBAUGH Provides a Three-Step Approach For Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment

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Step One: Launching Inclusion

This initial step lays the groundwork for participation, engagement and understanding of the importance of inclusion and its compelling business case for today’s successful organizations. Through a dynamic and engaging forum we call out how the old leadership paradigm is not working and the yearning for oneness at a societal and organizational level.  Through a dynamic and engaging forum, we help to disrupt the traditional narratives holding organizations back for achieving the truest sense of inclusion. Stakeholders are educated and energized and develop a new vision that drives greater levels of performance, trust and collaborative relationships — leading to higher levels of talent utilization and inclusion.

The session incorporates the “Why”, the “What”, and the “How” that aligns with each client’s call to action for inclusion at every level of the company.

Step Two: Evaluation and Recommendation

In Step Two, we conduct rigorous assessments. We evaluate performance across key areas of the organization with regards to culture, practices, and behaviors that support or limit inclusiveness.

Based on an in-depth analysis of findings SHAMBAUGH will create concrete and practical recommendations and a tailored Road Map that builds on strengths and addresses critical gaps for moving the needle towards inclusive work environments.

Step Three: Inclusive Leadership Programs

SHAMBAUGH creates dynamic offerings and results-focused learning experiences for developing inclusive leaders and managers. Our researched-based and practical learning experience is known for increasing awareness and managing unproductive bias while allowing individuals to tap into the broadest range of cognitive diversity. These uniquely-designed programs are focused on key mindsets and behaviors that positively impact all employees across the organization.

We bring a relevant and research-based approach that incorporates behavioral science and practical tools for developing and sustaining inclusion. Some of our in-demand offerings are:

Offering One: Developing Inclusive Leaders and Beyond

This unique offering is designed to focus on key mindsets and behaviors that positively impact all employees across the organization. SHAMBAUGH provides a relevant and researched-based curriculum and approach that incorporates behavioral science, practical tools, and application to develop and sustain inclusion at the individual level. Participants will assess their own inclusive leadership factor and address biases that limit their capacity to demonstrate inclusion in their day-to-day interactions and beyond.

Based on the client’s needs SHAMBAUGH provides workshop in a half to two-day format. This includes assessments, case studies, video, role play and personal action planning.

Offering Two: Achieving Gender Equality

There is a widening and global gender gap that requires special attention. We must get to the core of gender inequities and complex dynamics that not only impede women’s growth and advancement but also impacts the productivity and business performance of organizations and institutions.

SHAMBAUGH offers a unique and timely program that brings men and women together to understand the underlying gender dynamics and inhibitors that impede productive and collaborative relationships. This program focuses less on the differences but rather builds on each individual’s unique strengths and ways to mutually tap into. Participants will learn and apply research-based curriculum and experiences that will help men and women disrupt self-limiting beliefs/narratives while learning and applying new mindsets and behaviors to co-create a unified voice for leadership.

Together attendees will build greater levels of trust, support, and inclusive partnerships to advance the overall success and performance for their teams and organizations while ensuring all voices on are deck and valued.


“SHAMBAUGH has been an extremely  helpful partner and expert in helping our organization  transform  into a much more inclusive and cross collaborative leadership team and culture. SHAMBAUGH’s expertise has allowed us to identify and address unproductive mindsets and bias and helped us to create and act on a constructive roadmap that has  increased levels of trust, engagement, and levels of performance across the organization.”

Executive Vice President

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