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Employee Resource Group Offering

Engage, Retain and Grow Your Female Talent

SHAMBAUGH’s Integrated ERG Framework is designed to enhance female leader's and professional’s growth, development, and overall visibility while creating an inclusive, gender-balanced, and collaborative work environment that supports the advancement and retention of their female talent.

We work closely with each client organization to ensure the framework aligns with their specific talent development needs, culture, and business objectives.

This unique offering has not only benefited women leaders and professionals in regards to their growth and advancement but has supported the organization in achieving their talent development as well as business goals and objectives. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increases the number of female leaders in organizations and professional firms
  • Directly improves the retention and advancement of women at all levels
  • Provides targeted development, cross mentoring, and the opportunity to enhance women’s visibility and skills sets through expanded and more diverse networks
  • Fosters greater knowledge sharing and a pay it forward mindset
  • Links to an organizations talent and career development systems

To learn more about these unique offerings or to bring these offerings to your organization
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