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WILL Program

A Development Program for Top Women Leaders

SHAMBAUGH's Women In Leadership and Learning (WILL) Program, the first leadership program specifically designed for women in the US, has been successfully impacting the careers of women leaders in organizations for the last 17 years. WILL gets to the heart of what women leaders need to know.

Delivered in an intensely engaging format, a 4 day program conducted over a period of two months. Self-assessment, feedback from others and personal action planning are important components of the program. Each WILL participant will work with a certified SHAMBAUGH Executive Coach.

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Program Benefits
WILL is known for its results-focused approach that has seen 80% of its graduates assuming greater job responsibility within a year of completing the program. It is also recognized for helping organizations to avoid losing their top-talented women.

 Rebecca Shambaugh speaks on the Sticky Floors:



 Based on a recent survey, SHAMBAUGH's uniquely designed WILL program has created the following results:

  • 84.2% more intentionally project leadership prescence and personal brand
  • 74% think more strategically about their job/organization
  • 81% network more strategically within and outside their organization
  • 64% more proactively seek opportunities for increased visibility and advancement
  • 70% gain a greater awareness and confidence for influencing with impact

Who Should Attend?
The program is for fast-track women leaders with high potential who are heading teams, driving change initiatives, and directing business units.

Program Content
SHAMBAUGH's one-of-a-kind WILL program focuses on distinctive and common challenges, opportunities, and potential derailers that women leaders face in their work environments. Participants learn about the Sticky Floors - those self-limiting beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors that hold them back from achieving their greatest potential at work. They also develop specific strategies to address their sticky floors.  This program provides a truly unique process for learning and development to women who want to become highly effective leaders.

Women attendees engage in our innovative curriculum that provide strategies, techniques, and new approaches on learning topics such as: Resilience, Work/Life Integration, Personal Branding, Enhancing Your Leadership Styles, Building Strategic Relationships, Making Your Words Count, Capitalizing on Your Political Savvy, Asking For What You Want

Program Highlights
Results from: WILL 360 Degree Feedback Assessment, One-on-One Coaching Sessions, Tools, Case Studies, Personal Action Plans, and Self-assessment tools linked to session topics

WILL Alumni Network
Graduates of the WILL Program join a network of women leaders who, having shared the WILL experience, get together several times a year to enjoy on-going networking and continuous learning experiences.

For more information or questions about SHAMBAUGH's WILL Program, contact us at: info@shambaughleadership.com