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Women in Leadership and Learning Program

A Development Program For Top Women

A Leadership Program Like No Other For Top Women Leaders

“Today’s complex environment and market changes requires a diverse and balanced spectrum, perspectives and thinking. SHAMBAUGH’s Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) Program enables women to leverage their strengths, tap on their fullest potential and bring greater value to their teams and organization.”
— Rebecca Shambaugh, President of SHAMBAUGH and Founder & Leader of WILL

SHAMBAUGH’s Women in Leadership and Learning Program (WILL), the first Leadership Program specifically designed for women in the US has an amazing 19 year track record for successfully impacting the careers of women leaders in organizations such as: Marriott International, FAA, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Intelsat, Microsoft, Bank of America, MedImmune, and Pfizer.

A powerful women’s leadership experience [see video] with customized assessments and a systematic system for feedback, WILL takes the learning to the next level with experiential learning, targeted tools that ensure practical application back at work, case situations that provide relevant discussions, and our unique coaching component which personalizes and enhances the learning experience for each WILL participant.

Strong Outcomes

Our uniquely designed program and coaching have resulted in key results for our client organizations. A retroactive survey of our leadership programming told us that 80% of participants were promoted or were given more responsibility within less than a year of completing the program.

WILL has made a significant difference for attendees [see video]

The most frequently reported behavioral changes included:

  • 84% more intentionally project leadership presence and personal brand.
  • 74% think more strategically about their job/organization.
  • 92% network more strategically within and outside their organization.
  • 75% more proactively seek opportunities for increased visibility and advancement.
  • 78% gain a greater awareness and confidence for influencing with impact.



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Program Format


  • A 4 day Program conducted over a 2 month period
  • Curriculum includes the highly relevant and researched based Sticky Floors sessions
  • Each WILL participants works with a certified SHAMBAUGH Executive Coach
  • Participants receive a copy of Rebecca Shambaugh’s bestselling book —“It’s Not a Glass Ceiling, It’s a Sticky Floor”
  • 360 assessment, feedback from others and developmental action planning are important components of the program
  • Experienced and credentialed WILL faculty, all who have been business executives before joining SHAMBAUGH


Based on SHAMBAUGH’s 19 years of gender-based research and the thought leadership of founder, Rebecca Shambaugh, this Program gets to the heart of what women leaders want to know:

  • How can I speak up and gain the respect and credibility that I deserve?
  • How do I figure out the “playing field” and deal more effectively with the political dynamics, the unspoken rules, and the multitude of power bases throughout the organization?
  • How do I show up with executive presence in a real time and a virtual environment?
  • How do I ask for what I want and actually get it?
  • How can I better manage my work/life integration, set better priorities and establish key priorities?
  • How can I develop a better brand for myself so people throughout my organization recognize my value proposition?
  • How can I identify and leverage a more strategic network?


WILL Topics
  • Personal Leadership/Self-Awareness
  • Integrated leadership—Leveraging the Best of Gender Inclusions
  • Making Your Words Count
  • Capitalizing On Your Leadership Styles for Achieving Key Results
  • Identifying and Leveraging a Sponsor
  • Knowing and Leveraging Your Personal Brand
  • Effective Influencing Skills
  • Asking for What You Want and Need
  • Forming Your Personal Board of Directors
  • Four Steps for Being Politically Savvy
  • Managing Work/Life Integration


SHAMBAUGH's Team of Experts

SHAMBAUGH’s WILL team encompasses a diversity of knowledge, style, gender, and ethnicity who are recognized for their knowledge, best practices, research, and mastery in facilitation of dynamic and results focused sessions that get to the core of a women leaders development and success.

SHAMBAUGH has strategically selected a cross disciplinary team of experts who are certified in SHAMBAUGH’s Women in Leadership and Learning Program. Our team of experts bring a rich spectrum of expertise and knowledge to include:

  • Deep expertise in gender studies, grounded research, and experience in the design and delivery of intensive and results focused programs for women leaders.
  • Strong business acumen which allows SHAMBAUGH to align learning experiences with key business objectives while providing practical verses theoretical applications.
  • Seasoned executive coaches who are certified in WILL and possess recognized accreditation's in the use of assessment instruments and tools.
  • Over 18 year of expertise and working knowledge working with a variety of industries internationally.
  • Unparallelled dedication in creating a best in class and impactful learning experience that enables each participants to reach their fullest potential.


Sessions and Registration

Program Dates:

                                             Fall 2016:                      |                     WINTER 2017:                                  
                                OCT 5, 6, NOV 9, 10                             FEB 8, 9, MAR 15, 16                          


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