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Integrated Model for Sponsorship

Sponsorship Matters for Achieving Better Leadership Balance and
Driving Better Business Results

SHAMBAUGH offers years of experience and expertise in the advancement of leadership (particularly women leaders) and in the design and implementation of Sponsorship programs. SHAMBAUGH provides a roadmap for organizations and individuals to foster meaningful conversations and intentional pathways for sponsorship, resulting in purposeful action and measurable results.

We bring Sponsorship to life by presenting examples that illustrate how to incorporate Sponsorship into an organization and ensure lasting results.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Increases employee engagement, retention, talent development, and the strength of the talent pipeline
  • High-performing employees, particularly women gaining critical, career-accelerating experience and advancement opportunities
  • Provides valuable benefits to sponsors, including feedback, enhanced skills, increased knowledge of company needs and opportunities
  • Enhances career development, talent management, and succession planning programs
  • Enhances overall career satisfaction and levels of engagement

Sponsorship Framework

SHAMBAUGH provides a unique and results-focused Sponsorship Model that incorporates an integrated approach to achieve targeted results by tapping into and advancing an organization’s top talent.

Using the strength of existing talent management, succession planning, and leadership development processes as a foundation, our proven approach helps organizations to foster an environment in which sponsorship will be embraced, nurtured, and leveraged.

Some of SHAMBAUGH’s unique features include but are not limited to:

  • Rebecca Shambaugh is a well-known advisor and an internationally recognized speaker on sponsorship and diversity/women's leadership best practices
  • Development and internalization of the business case for sponsorship
  • Strong expertise and hands-on experience developing and implementing sponsorship initiatives for a number of organizations
  • Expertise in the integration of sponsorship initiatives with succession and talent development systems
  • Assessment and measurement expertise/tools and methodologies
  • Years of experience providing sponsorship, women in leadership, mentoring, leadership development and coaching programs for multicultural/international organizations
  • Scalalble approach to expand to a broad audience by incorporating online and virtual learning approaches
  • Professional development for the sponsor and sponsee that includes experiential and behavior-based approaches to take learning to the next level
  • Accompanied by individual attention provided by one-on-one coaching

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