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Integrated Model for Sponsorship

Sponsorship Matters for Achieving Better Leadership Balance and
Driving Better Business Results

Shambaugh provides an integrated approach for designing, implementing, and sustaining result’s focused programs that promote Sponsorship throughout the organization that primarily focuses on advancing women and minorities. Our framework helps organizations define the business case for having a sponsorship program and its value, and how sponsorship interconnects with and supports organizations overarching business growth strategy and talent and executive development plans.

Rebecca Shambaugh speaks on Sponsorship


 SHAMBAUGH's core services are customized to meet the company’s specific needs which include the following:

  • Developing and Internalizing the Business Case For Sponsorship: Shambaugh helps to design and integrate the business case within client organization's aligning with the business growth strategy, talent management, and leadership development.
  • Raise Awareness: A targeted communication plan designed to raise the awareness of organization’s managers and leaders regarding the value of sponsorship and how it connects to the business case for their overall success. The goal is to bring the language of Sponsorship into all phases of the business so that it is a natural way for staff to work together rather than being considered another “program."
  • Professional Development
  • Engaging Men: Tools Techniques and Strategies for Engaging Men As a Sponsors
  • Targeted Programs for Women to Build and Capitalize on The Sponsor Relationship
  • Strategies for Linking Sponsorship with Companies Talent Management and Succession Plans
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Conference Presentations and Keynotes on Sponsorship


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