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Building Inclusive Cultures and Leadership


Inclusive Leadership for Organizational Success

"Successful organizations of the future will by fully engaged, balanced teams of men and women working together synergistically to produce extraordinary results. Integrated Leadership is the new competitive advantage for organizations and institutions in the 21st Century or for driving better business results." - Rebecca Shambaugh

Today’s research and trends have shown that organizations with inclusive cultures and leadership yield greater levels of engagement, collaboration, and bottom line performance. Despite the business case for inclusion only 66% of employees said that less than half of the managers and leaders in their organization are inclusive. The investment of companies’ time, money, and resources to grow, advance, and retain their female leaders is not happening as quickly as we need it to.

So, what’s the problem? Today’s organizations need to be adaptable to be able to manage workplaces of the future and to create cultures that are not only diverse but that also leverage that diversity for competitive advantage. Men still represent over 80% of the executive suite and corporate boards and should be an important part of the solution for creating an inclusive leadership model that represents greater diversity and better gender-balanced leadership teams. To make real progress and achieve inclusive leadership we must learn to engage men, women, and the organization.

Here's A Solution!

This unique and powerful forum, led by Rebecca Shambaugh, leadership expert and CEO of SHAMBAUGH, will engage a diverse slate of leaders and executives in a conversation regarding their vision for an inclusive workplace. The goal is to highlight how organizations and leaders can grow and sustain the differentiating environment that fosters inclusion and collaboration while increasing the number of women at the leadership table.

SHAMBAUGH will design the specific approach, format, and questions for your Fireside Chat so it addresses your core issues and opportunities. Topics may include:

  • The Business Case for Integrated Leadership (Gender Balanced Leadership Teams)
  • How Can Men and Women Work in Partnership to Break Culture Barriers, Move Beyond Gender Related Stereotypes, and Together Close the Gender Gap?
  • Critical Behaviors for Being an Inclusive Leaders
  • How Men Can Become Champions for Women
  • What Organizations Can Do to Move the Needle for Women NOW!

This offering builds on Rebecca Shambaugh’s groundbreaking new book, Make Room for Her, Why Companies Need An Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results, McGraw Hill 2013.


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Building Inclusive Cultures - Gender Balanced Leadership Audit

Try this personal audit for your organization to see how well you are currently engaging your men:

  • Does management leave the job of advancing women into leadership solely to the Human Resource or Organization Development department, rather than incorporating help from male leaders?
  • Has your organization taken the time to help men understand how their roles can be pivotal in helping women to succeed in their careers and advance to greater levels of leadership?
  • Has the organization invested substantial time and resources into diversity initiatives and women’s leadership/networking programs but failed to invite men to be co-creators of a better balance of leadership within teams and across the enterprise?
  • Does the company have formal mentorship and sponsorship programs in place, which channel men’s knowledge and experience from having spent the most time in the leadership ranks toward helping women advance?
  • Does your organization provide training and coaching to enhance collaboration and better understand moving beyond unproductive biases across diversity lines?

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