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Diversity & Inclusion

Making Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy A Business Imperative
  • Do you need to improve Employee Engagement?
  • Is your Diversity & Inclusion plan not getting the commitment and results you are looking for?
  • Is your organization not able to attract and retain new and top talent?
  • Does your company lose focus on diversity and gender initiatives when the business conditions get tight?
  • Does your organization have a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy that aligns with your company’s growth goals and business objective?

Most organizations understand the value and business case for having a diverse and engaging workforce but lack an integrated strategy and implementation plan that yields leadership accountability and lasting results.
SHAMBAUGH’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy provides an integrated framework that addresses key business and organization drivers that enable organizations to transform culture, leadership mindsets and systems to anchor and sustain a work environment that fosters inclusion, engagement, and innovation.
SHAMBAUGH has consulted with a number of organizations and institutions on designing and implementing a strategy and roadmap that aligns with their diversity, and gender goals and objectives. Our consulting framework includes:



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Building Inclusive Cultures - Gender Balanced Leadership Audit

Try this personal audit for your organization to see how well you are currently engaging your men:

  • Does management leave the job of advancing women into leadership solely to the Human Resource or Organization Development department, rather than incorporating help from male leaders?
  • Has your organization taken the time to help men understand how their roles can be pivotal in helping women to succeed in their careers and advance to greater levels of leadership?
  • Has the organization invested substantial time and resources into diversity initiatives and women’s leadership/networking programs but failed to invite men to be co-creators of a better balance of leadership within teams and across the enterprise?
  • Does the company have formal mentorship and sponsorship programs in place, which channel men’s knowledge and experience from having spent the most time in the leadership ranks toward helping women advance?
  • Does your organization provide training and coaching to enhance collaboration and better understand moving beyond unproductive biases across diversity lines?

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