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Developing, Advancing, and Retaining Women Leaders

"Today’s complex environment and market changes require a rich diversity of thinking, styles and experiences. Successful organizations and institutions understand the business imperative for a balance of both men and women at the leadership table. Women represent an important voice for ensuring optimum decisions, problem solving, and maintaining a company’s competitive advantage in the market place." Rebecca Shambaugh, President of SHAMBAUGH, Keynote and Author on Women in Leadership

Unlocking and Leveraging the Highest Potential of
Women Leaders and Executives

SHAMBAUGH is recognized across the globe for their gender studies, researched based leadership model, integrated solutions, and world class programs and for developing, advancing and retaining talented women leaders and executives.

We have worked with over 500,000 women leaders within multiple industries across the world, focusing on broadening their leadership vision, while strengthening their overall confidence, strengths, and capability for delivering positive results for their teams and organizations.

Our APproach

When we partner with clients, we gain a full understanding of their culture, business strategy, human capital/diversity goals, and specific competencies/development needs. By understanding and working within the whole system of an organization, SHAMBAUGH is able to deliver sustainable results that align people, culture, processes and strategy with an overall goal for each initiative.

Integrated Solutions for Developing, Advancing and Retaining
Women Leaders and Executives

SHAMBAUGH provides deep expertise and proven best practices that are known for advancing organization’s overall diversity and inclusion strategy while enabling their women and minorities to take their leadership to the next level. Our programs positively impact an organization's key business challenges through that have directly strengthen and advanced the talent pool of existing and future women leaders and executives.

Some of the positive results we have tracked are:

  • Increased visibility & expanded networks for talented individuals
  • Greater mobility (vertical or lateral) for Hi-Potential leaders
  • Increased probability for retention of unique talent
  • Enhanced leadership capacity & bench strength
  • Stronger inclusive leadership at all levels


Developing and Advancing Women in the Workplace

We provide an integrated and holistic approach towards developing and advancing women in the workplace. Our Women in Leadership offerings can include:

  • Gender initiatives
  • Women's Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Women in the pipeline
  • Assessments and studies to determine strategic and best approach
  • Sponsorship initiatives for identifying and advancing women and diversity


World-Class Consultants, Faculty and Coaches

Our expert team of world-class consultants, faculty, and coaches stand at the forefront of knowledge in their field, years of experience and subject matter expertise who are ready to speak with you regarding your specific needs and goals.

Recent examples of initiatives SHAMBAUGH has partnered with a number of clients on:

  • Powerful conference presentations and keynotes
  • Assessment, strategy and company wide initiatives for fostering and sustaining an inclusive leadership culture
  • Design and delivery of targeted leadership programs to strengthen and position women in the pipeline for continued growth and advancement
  • One year initiative that included targeted learning sessions, virtual learning labs, and coaching for 120 Hi-Potential women worldwide
  • Development and implementation of Sponsorship initiatives that provide greater visibility, development opportunities and growth for talented women and underutilized talent
  • Targeted coaching programs for top women leaders including 360 survey, rich developmental exercises and individual development plans
  • Targeted programs on Managing and Leveraging Gender Differences
  • Engaging Men as Sponsors and Mentors
  • Numerous one-day uniquely designed and dynamic leadership conferences for women
  • Sticky Floor workshop series (face to face and virtual webcasts)

For more information or questions about SHAMBAUGH's Customized In-House Programs and Solutions,
contact us at: info@shambaughleadership.com

Women's Leadership & Diversity Assessment

SHAMBAUGH’s targeted assessment offering provides a realistic picture for organizations to identify key strengths, critical gaps, cultural dynamics, and current levels of performance and readiness that is an important investment by any organization before launching into a women’s leadership and diversity initiatives.

This step provides an objective and systematic plan that results in appropriate succession and talent development plans, retention strategies, appropriate skills training, mentoring, sponsorship and on the job development experiences.

We will partner with you in this important assessment phase and provide recommended solutions and programs that will directly address key findings.


Whether you or your organization are taking a long or short term view of your women’s leadership and diversity talent capacity and development plans, contact us at: info@shambaughleadership.com