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Innovative Approach to Learning

SHAMBAUGH’s webinars offer an innovative approach to learning.  They are designed to provide a meaningful overview of content, scalability, and real-time learning to today's busy professional. Our webinars are typically 60-minute sessions that provide flexibility of learning in real-time from the convenience of your own desk.  They allow participants to engage in online developmental experiences on their own, or at a set time as designated by their organization. 

Our webinars will be aligned with the client organization’s overall culture, business objectives, core competencies, values, and identified needs of the participants in the session. They will be customized to ensure that the modules reflect "real-life" work situations within your company. The sessions will be practical rather than theoretical, experiential, and will support what we know about how adults truly learn new behaviors.

SHAMBAUGH webinars may include some or all of the following: Informative Ideas, Tools and Techniques, Learners Guide, Interactive Discussions, Self-assessments, Mini-case Situations, Session Slide Decks

Full range of topics include, but not limited to:

  • Understanding and Managing Our Biases
  • Making Your Words Count - Effective Influencing
  • Managing and Leading Change
  • Effective Negotiating - Asking for What You Want
  • Building Your Personal Board of Directors
  • Leading with Executive Presence
  • Tapping On Your Own Resilience
  • Effective Influencing Skills
  • Leadership Styles
  • Personal Branding
  • Building Your Personal Board of Directors





 To learn more about SHAMBAUGH's webinar topics and offerings,
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