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Organizational Development

Optimizing Organizational and Human Performance

SHAMBAUGH’s Organizational Development consulting practice has pioneered real-time growth and transformation needs for a diverse range of premier organizations. Our overall mission is to help companies deliver results, while optimizing organizational and human performance.

SHAMABAUGH has delivered immediate and long-term value to organizations and companies undergoing dramatic change. We work closely with the leadership and across functional teams, assisting them in the development and implementation of a scalable infrastructure that is integrated with the company’s business strategy.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of integrated solutions and lasting strategies that move the organization and their employee’s forward:

  • Comprehensive Organizational Assessments, Planning, and Program Development
  • Facilitation of Vision, Mission, and Organizational Strategy
  • Leadership and Team Alignment
  • Communication Plans for Change and Transition
  • Team Building and Facilitation of Complex Group Dynamics
  • Culture Enhancement and Change Management
  • Strategies and Workshops To Help Employees Through the Change Process
  • One-on-One Coaching for Leaders To Learn and Apply Strategies for Those Leading the Change Process
  • Team Coaching: Leaders benefit from an objective, results-focused forum on addressing critical organizational change, team or group issues. Areas may include, but not limited to:
    -    Managing change and reorganization
    -    Resolving conflicts
    -    Clarifying roles, responsibilities, and boundaries
    -    Enhancing communicating

For more information on SHAMBAUGH's Orgnanizational Development practice, contact us at info@shambaughleadership.com

Read SHAMBAUGH's Organizational Development Case Study

The following case summarizes the kind of change management work that SHAMBAUGH has been engaged in with several of our clients:
Case Study: The overall purpose of this initiative was to help design and roll out a major Change Initiative that involved a major reorganization across the entire enterprise. We served as an expert “change agent” and provided real time support as required throughout this initiative. Our overall goal was to serve in an advisory capacity to assist in the implementation of targeted solutions that would promote team focus, synergy, as well as enhanced leadership and communication, which are all necessary for a successful and sustainable change effort. We initially conducted an assessment that set the foundation for this effort. Findings and recommendations were provided in an Executive Summary that was presented to key stakeholders of the company. A change management road map was developed of which SHAMBAUGH served as the change agent to ensure a successful execution.
We provided best practices and the tools necessary to help the company successfully drive and sustain change.

Key areas that we covered and/or provided included:

  • Facilitation and Development of an Overarching Strategic Change Management Roadmap
  • Demonstrated How This Change Aligns With the Overall Mission and Success Of the Organization
  • Provided Best Practices Regarding the Role of the Leader in Change Initiatives
  • Presented Potential De-Railers and Strategies – Contingencies for Leaders During Change
  • Developed a Process To Identify and Communicate the WIFM – What’s In It For All Constituencies (from senior leadership to support staff) – To Gain Buy-In and Sustainable Support for the Change Initiative
  • Introduced and Facilitated a Process Around the 8 Steps in Any Change Process
  • Ensured the Alignment Of Goals, Roles, Critical Success Factors and Communications Strategy Between Three Group Leaders:
  • On-boarded and empowered all stakeholders (addressed concerns of the company’s stakeholders as well as incorporated their ideas into the overall transition plan)
  • Made mid-course corrections to the change related implementation plans
  • Provided specific recommendations and on-going support to ensure a successful and sustainable transition that supports the overall company change initiative