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Managing Across Generations

Leveraging the Best Across the Generations

The workforce demographics have dramatically changed, it now includes four generations that present unique work ethics, a variety of perspectives, distinct and preferred ways of managing or being managed, and different priorities. SHAMBAUGH's subject matter experts in this area design and deliver insightful programs that get to the core of why the four generations matter and how these differences can greatly impact organizations’ bottom line performance. Learn the facts and figures about the generations, their key influencers, as well as important skills and techniques for creating a more inclusive work environment by building strong and productive relationships across the generations.

SHAMBAUGH's Services and Programs for Managing Across Generations

Includes the following programs and workshops:

  • Strategies and Techniques for Engaging A Multi Generational Workforce
  • Managing and Coaching the Millennial Generation
  • Leveraging and Integrating the Unique Qualities of Each Generation

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