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Inclusive Leadership


"Successful organizations of the future will inspire and harness intellectual capital and talent, which calls for leaders to be culturally adept and able to leverage diversity of styles and thinking and backgrounds. Inclusive Leadership is the new competitive advantage for organizations and institutions in the 21st Century for driving better business results." — Rebecca Shambaugh, President of SHAMBAUGH

Inclusive Leadership Provides the Bridge Between Leadership, the Business
Case, Talent and Innovation
Understanding and managing differences is essential to winning with
talent skills in our diverse and global workforce.

SHAMBAUGH's dynamic and engaging Inclusive Leadership offering is designed to create more effective leaders, more productive teams, and a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture. Participants will build a greater understanding about the state and value of inclusive leadership as well as accountability for taking action.

Drawing from 20 years of executive and leadership development experience, SHAMBAUGH's approach and content is grounded in recent research and will address your key priorities. Session topics include:

  • Inclusive Leadership as a Business Imperative -- Enabling Innovation and High Performance Culture 
  • Research Insights on Leveraging Cognitive Diversity to Improve Team Effectiveness
  • How Biases Play into Gender Dynamics and How to Better Manage
  • How Biases Come into Play at the Culture and Systems Level and Their Impact on Career/ Talent Development
  • Mentoring and Sponsoring a Diverse Workforce


SHAMBAUGH provides a customized approach that aligns with company talent development needs, culture, and business objectives. This offering can be delivered in multiple formats and delivery models to include executive/ leadership teams, a blend of men, women or targeted separate sessions for men and women based on the unique dynamics and objectives.

Features include:

  • Cross cultural/ gender examples through case studies, role play, and real time coaching
  • One to two face to face sessions to inlcude managers, leaders and executives, targeting challenging teams/ interpersonal dynamics
  • Two-hour Executive briefing (face to face, keynote or webcast/ telepresence)
  • Learner's Guides, assessments, video, case work, optional role play and action planning
  • Optional coaching will be provided for attendees to take their learning and application of Inclusive Leadership to the next level

To request SHAMBAUGH's Inclusive Leadership Session for your team or organization
contact us at: info@shambaughleadership.com



This offering builds on Rebecca Shambaugh's new book, "Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results.

A Roadmap for Men, Women, and Organization's to bolster creativity through tapping on gender-balanced teams while achieving bottom-line performance.