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Now more than ever, successful organizations need a sustained leadership development process that delivers results. Studies show that training alone increased productivity by nearly 23 percent, but integrated with coaching, productivity increased to 88 percent!

SHAMBAUGH coaches bring a strong level of expertise and experience based on business acumen, coaching accreditations and certifications in a variety of assessments and tools. Our coaches have an exceptional understanding of business results and human behavior and the critical link between them.

SHAMBAUGH’s Approach to Coaching

The approach addresses specific business challenges, goals, and objectives that individuals and teams confront. Our coaching is results- focused, objectively-based, and developmental. Our goal is to help the coachee(s) achieve and sustain positive growth and results on real business/leadership development issues and opportunities. SHAMBAUGH’s approach is known for:

  • No off the shelf quick fix solutions – customized for each engagement
  • An objective development plan that is tracked and measured using the key development objectives and goals
  • Incorporating assessments, practical tools, case work, role play, interviews, and a 360 degree feedback assessment to ensure an accurate picture as well as the right feedback and reinforcement on a timely basis
  • Ongoing support and focus through intensive one-on-one sessions, telephonic and e-mail touch points and debriefing reviews.
  • Debriefs and thought-through recommendations and feedback to coachee, sponsor and/or coaching client
  • Experienced coaches and executive advisors who develop a comprehensive understanding of their coachee’s goals, needs and opportunities in the context of key business objectives and personal growth

SHAMBAUGH’s Coaching Offerings

One-on-One Coaching

SHAMBAUGH offers one-on-one strategic coaching that focuses on key areas and supports important business results and key objectives that directly impact the overall effectiveness of the coachee. These engagements will be from a minimum of six months to one year. We begin by recommending a coach whose business experience, coaching style, and personality match the coachee’s needs and goals, and who can guide them through an effective coaching process. That process includes:

360 feedback assessment, Individual Development Plan, On-going Feedback, Assessments, Tools, Feedback Loops with Coachee and Organizational Sponsor - recommend to support key learning objectives 

90-Day Transition/Acceleration Coaching

Studies indicate that 40 percent of senior level external hires de-rail or experience fatal flaws within the first 90 days of being in their role. This often occurs because they do not effectively integrate into the culture, understand the business strategy and are challenged by particular key competencies and skills sets.

Designed for leaders and executives in transition, this offering provides an effective way to avoid common pitfalls, incorporates feedback and gives the coachee the tools and strategies necessary to address specific development challenges.

Coaching Women Leaders and Executives Off The Sticky Floor

SHAMBAUGH has been providing coaching for women leaders and executives for over 16 years. Based on years of research, best practices and the development and advancement of hundreds of women leaders and executives, we have a unique understanding of the specific assumptions, beliefs and behaviors that can limit a women’s potential to advance in the workplace.

Our coaches are certified in coaching to the Sticky Floors as described in Rebecca Shambaugh’s book, "It’s Not A Glass Ceiling, It’s A Sticky Floor." They are experienced in diagnosing Sticky Floor issues and in helping coachees avoid them and get “unstuck.”

Enterprise Coaching Sessions

This option provides a group coaching session that can be offered after a single webinar or workshop, or a number of coaching sessions that can be integrated within a series of webinars or workshops. These 60 minute sessions are facilitated dialogues with a specified agenda. They incorporate fieldwork and are designed to be highly interactive and participative. Each coachee will manage their own learning process and will be encouraged to take away specific actions. The quality of these sessions is maximized by the active participation of the coachees.

If you have questions or are interested in any of SHAMBAUGH's offerings, please e-mail info@shambaughleadership.com