Our Programs


Transformational Coaching

SHAMBAUGH Leadership has provided executive coaching for over 500,000 leaders and executive for two decades. Our executive coaches bring a strong level of expertise and experience based on business acumen, coaching accreditations and certifications in a variety of assessments and tools. Our coaches have an exceptional understanding of business results and human behavior and the critical link between them.

SHAMBAUGH’s Approach to Coaching

Our integrated coaching model focuses on increasing self-awareness, changing mindsets and behaviors that impact day to day interactions, relationships, and showing up with our fullest potential. Our coaching is results-focused, objectively based, and developmental. Our goal is to help the coachee(s) achieve and sustain positive growth and results on real business/leadership development issues and opportunities

SHAMBAUGH’s Executive Coaching is known for:

  • No off the shelf quick fix solutions – customized for each engagement
  • An objective development plan that is tracked and measured using the key development objectives and goals
  • Integration with the broader leadership development process
  • Alignment with business/organization objectives
  • Incorporating assessments, practical tools, case work, role play, interviews, and a 360 degree feedback assessment to ensure an accurate picture as well as the right feedback and reinforcement on a timely basis
  • Ongoing support and focus through intensive one-on-one sessions, telephone and e-mail touch points and debriefing reviews
  • Debriefs and thought-through recommendations and feedback to coachee, sponsor and/or coaching client


Holistic Coaching Framework

Our holistic approach gets to the core of real growth and sustainable change and focuses on 4 key leadership dimensions, which are the following:


Uniquely Qualified

SHAMBAUGH's Executive Coaches are uniquely qualified. Our coaches possess a diversity of knowledge, style, gender and ethnicity to ensure that the coachee's specific needs are addressed. Our coaching methodology is based on two decades of leadership and executive development and grounded in years of research.

Our coaches work with:

  • Senior executives, including "C" level
  • Leaders in organizations being "groomed" for greater leadership responsibility
  • "Emerging" or "High-Potential" executives
  • Individuals who possess skills highly valued by the organization but whose effectiveness is compromised by a behavioral or other "coachable" issue
  • Newly hired leaders who need to assimilate into the new organization


Our coaches have:

  • A minimum of ten years experience as an executive coach and coaching certification earned from a recognized coaching program
  • Proven business experience as leaders and/or possess an extensive organizational development background
  • A strong expertise and experience coaching in multicultural/international institutions and organizations
  • Accreditation in the use of assessments and instruments
  • A demonstrated record of professional competence, integrity, and committed to the coaching process

If you're interested in learning more about SHAMBAUGH's Coaching Offerings, contact us at: info@shambaughleadership.com