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WILL eLearning Program

Dates: July 12 - October 19, 2017

2017 Session
8 Virtual Sessions conducted twice a month for four months:

July 12 & 13, Aug. 21 & 25, Sept. 11 & 15, Oct. 18 & 19

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Virtual Learning Offering

SHAMBAUGH’s Nationally Recognized Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) Program is now offered in a virtual class room format. Because today’s organizations are much more global, as well as virtual, they need to reach a critical mass of employees at different times versus only leveraging the cost and time for the traditional face-to-face training sessions. This unique learning approach and format is designed to allow our clients to take a more inclusive and scalable approach for reaching a broader community of their female leaders.

Key Features Include:

  • Interactive, engaging learning experience designed to capture and retain the attention of each participant.
  • Collaboration and engagement tools that ensure each participant is actively engaged with the content and with each other.
  • Expert SHAMBAUGH facilitators who are experienced in delivering virtual learning/ web based learning sessions in a compelling and inclusive way.

eLearning Program Benefits

  • Female women participants engage in relevant and research based curriculum that is known for addressing women leader’s key growth opportunities and challenges.
  • Opportunity to apply learning’s immediately through assignments – less disruptive to current tasks and workloads.
  • Cost savings: Airfare, food and lodging, and travel hours.
  • 360 assessment with one-on-one coaching by a certified SHAMBAUGH executive coach.
  • Opportunity for client to create a broader reach and scale by providing an inclusive approach for their female leadership talent.

Our Blended Learning Approach:

SHAMBAUGH’s WILL virtual format will incorporate a blended learning approach that will include the following:

  • A series of 60–90 minute virtual live sessions lead by a SHAMBAUGH expert facilitator
  • Interim cohort learning sessions coordinated by a SHAMBAUGH expert facilitator
  • Small group breakout sessions during the virtual live sessions
  • 360 assessment administered prior to engaging in the program
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified SHAMBAUGH executive coach
  • Pre-work or assignments: Soft copy, eLearning