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Women's Leadership

  • "SHAMBAUGH’s Women In Leadership and Learning (WILL) Program is a great forum to access business – savvy executive coaches, corporate role models, and the benefits of research–based knowledge on what leads to leadership success. SHAMBAUGH delivers real results, in the real world in real time" - Vice President, Sprint


  • "SHAMBAUGH's WILL program provided an excellent environment to explore new creative approaches to business management, problem resolution and leadership development. Their programs encourage participants to think outside of our own “boxes” and develop new methods for handling change." - Senior Director, IBM


  • "SHAMBAUGH’s WILL program exceeded our expectations! The leaders who participated in the program have reported increased competence and confidence in their leadership. Pfizer has experienced a dramatic increase in women seeking and receiving promotions." - Vice President, Pfizer Corp.

Leadership Development

  • "SHAMBAUGH learned our business/culture, targeted our needs, and then developed a customized, results-focused curriculum and a delivery model that would have the greatest impact on our managers, and thereby on our employees and our business as a whole. The program has been extraordinarily well received, and our SHAMBAUGH training facilitator is exceptional. As a result, we have extended and expanded the program and view it as a critical component of our leadership development strategy." - Vice President, Human Resources, MorganFranklin Consulting


  • "SHAMBAUGH's seasoned expertise and competence in leadership and organizational effectiveness resulted in innovative and solid solutions for Freddie Mac." - Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Freddie Mac 


  • "Without exception, SHAMBAUGH has provided substantive, relevant, timely, and practical content in their leadership programs applicable to any leaders." - Vice President, Human Resources, Intelsat


  • "SHAMBAUGH has helped us focus on building and sustaining leadership talent at all levels of the business so the company is positioned to meet its strategic goals well into the future." - Chief Medical Officer, MedImmune, Inc.


  • SHAMBAUGH has helped us begin the transformation into a much more effective senior leadership team, especially as we navigate through challenging economic times. Through this collaboration we have raised our game and the results of breaking down perceived and real barriers are undeniable." - General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company


  • "We value SHAMBAUGH as a strategic partner and as an agent of change…work of high impact and delivered the promised business results." - VP, OD and Training, Sallie Mae


  • "SHAMBAUGH provided breakthrough facilitative support to SAIC's Information Technology Support Division's leadership team in developing our short and long term business plans." - VP, Information Technology Support Division, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)


  • "Rebecca Shambaugh did an excellent job as our Moderator for the Fairfax Chamber's "Women at the Top of Government Contracting" panel, I thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca's sharing of leadership best practices and how she challenged our traditional assumptions on leadership for the 21st Century. I took away a number of notes on managing women and millennials that I will be able to put to great use. Rebecca's ability to elicit honest and meaningful responses from the panelists was fantastic and I think the audience really enjoyed the program as we have had a number of positive comments." - President, Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce


  • "Rebecca Shambaugh's keynote address was inspiring and extremely well received, it resontated with the attendees. I have received an overwhelming amount of response, positive I must say, regarding her keynote address." - Executive Vice President, MedImmune, Inc.


  • "We have received rave reviews for Rebecca Shambaugh's seminar on resilience and advancing career goals. At all levels of my team, there were great nuggets of advice for putting together a career advancement plan." - VP Global Communications, Marriott International


  • "Rebecca Shambaugh's presentation clearly prompted much thought and insight among the packed house of attendees as evidenced by the high level of interaction during the question and answer session. We highly recommend Rebecca and this type of event to any group interested in providing a forum for women executives and professionals to gain valuable insights into building their personal brands, advancing their careers, and achieving success." - Director of Communications, Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce


  • "Rebecca Shambaugh's concepts for leader's and her unique presence when speaking to audiences reminds us all about the important resource we have in our coworkers. Several friends and colleagues of mine have assembled their personal Board of Directors and have found the experience immensely helpful and, in some cases, life changing." - Chief Medical Officer, MedImmune, Inc.


  • "Marriott’s Women’s CEO Executive Forum was a tremendous success, and that is due in large part to Rebecca Shambaugh. When organizing an event for CEOs and Executive Directors of major Associations, ensuring high ROI is critical. The content Rebecca delivered coupled with your knowledge, experience, and expertise was a home run. We could not have executed this without you.  I look forward to working with you in the near future." - Sales Executive, Marriott International


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