Our Clients

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What our clients say about working with Shambaugh.

“SHAMBAUGH has helped us begin the the transformation into a much more effective senior leadership team, especially as we navigate through challenging economic times. Through this collaboration we have raised our game and the results of breaking down perceived and real barriers are undeniable.”

PFIZER INC, Vice President
“The WILL Program has exceeded our expectations. Participants report that their views have dramatically changed regarding their personal growth and advancing their leadership at Pfizer. This has resulted in an increase in the number of women getting promoted into leadership positions.”

“My executive coaching with SHAMBAUGH has brought my self-awareness to an entirely new level. I have acquired and am now intentional about tapping into my emotional intelligence in day-to-day interactions, which has allowed me to create greater levels of trust and collaboration among key stakeholders.”

“SHAMBAUGH’s Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) Program has helped me come out of my shell and pay it forward. It helped me realize my potential and take the leap of faith to move forward in my career.”

KPMG, Senior Manager
“This is the first women’s leadership program I have attended and the material was on point in terms of my level and topics covered. I have learned a tremendous amount of information and feel energized to implement these areas that will support my growth and development as a leader.”

IBM, Manager, Research
“My SHAMBAUGH coach was quick to get at the heart of the issue, help me see the issues, and provide practical tools and advice to correct the situation, in a way that I will remember and reuse in the future.”

F50 ORGANIZATION, Chief Marketing Officer
“I truly benefited from the executive coaching I received from SHAMBAUGH. This development experience provided an unbiased and thoughtful perspective and constructive feedback which increased my self-awareness regarding my blind spots, strengths and overall executive presence. The coaching techniques and strategies have greatly improved my self-confidence as an executive, helped me to have effective and important crucial conversations, and I am more intentional about adapting my leadership style and approach in day to day interactions with my team and key stakeholders. I now have a leadership template that I can utilize for developing and implementing my leadership strategy and organization.”

CISCO, Senior Director
“SHAMBAUGH’s coaching was invaluable. It pushed me to think differently and provided clarity on tangible steps for taking my leadership to a whole new level.”

“SHAMBAUGH provides our executives with top-tier coaching support that actualizes real business results. Our Executive Coaching program is strength-based and the coaches that have worked with our organization have been tremendous in identifying core areas that can be leveraged to accelerate learning, build high performing teams, hone executive presence and bring about business results. More importantly, they are passionate about bringing the best out in our leaders and go above and beyond the outlined scope of work. I have no hesitation in recommending SHAMBAUGH’s Coaching services.”

HILTON WORLDWIDE, Senior Vice President
“Executive coaching has been of enormous benefit to me as I took on a new leadership role. My coach was a challenging thought partner who helped me gain awareness of blind spots, leverage strengths more effectively and develop a more versatile leadership style suited to the needs of my team. My team’s performance level has been raised significantly as a direct result of the insights I gained working with my coach!”