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Building Confidence (12)

Change Always Comes Bearing Gifts

I was reminded of this Price Pritchett saying when I recently spoke in Paris at a global business leaders conference. The seven hundred plus international attendees had come to learn the latest lessons on leadership and how to deal with the tumultuous changes being experienced by organizations across the globe.

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Smart Power – Do You Have It!

Smart Power! Have you heard the term? At the personal level, it means the ability to continuously learn new things and adapt to new situations in order to successfully navigate through complex change. It’s hard to pick up a current business magazine without reading that “new demands, changes in organizational business models and the emergence of a global market economy all call for companies to acquire a “new” knowledge that enables them to look at more innovative ways to grow, remain competitive and prosper.” Again, this means having Smart Power.But this time, they are referring to the capacity to create and sustain a broader learning environment within your team and your organization.

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