About Us


About Us

The SHAMBAUGH Background

SHAMBAUGH is a woman-owned business. Our mission is to strengthen and sustain the capacity of leaders across the world and provide integrated solutions for the existing and future leadership talent pool. For 20 years, we have built a solid reputation and brand known for its proven level of excellence, business acumen, and experience.

We specialize in leadership development, executive coaching, women's leadership and organizational effectiveness. SHAMBAUGH is known for years of thought leadership and pioneering vision for women leaders, offering proven programs, coaching, gender studies, and organizational best practices for both national and international organizations to further the development, advancement, and retention of women leadership and executives to include diverse and underutilized talent.

SHAMBAUGH’s experienced team of highly qualified experts bring a breadth and depth of experience and innovative yet scalable approaches that reach a broad and diverse audience. We help to identify specific needs, determine readiness, understand the desired results, and deliver the best approach for meeting current and future leadership development and succession priorities.

We then translate these priorities into a clear road-map for results. Our programs and solutions offer practical strategies and proven techniques that help our clients overcome challenges, improve performance, and take their organizations to the next level of growth and lasting success.

We partner with international organizations and are well versed in working in diverse and multicultural international environments. Our innovative and customized programs and solutions have consistently enhanced individual and organizational growth and performance for clients such as: IBM, Marriott International, General Electric, Microsoft, Intelsat, Forte Foundation, Oracle, Cisco, Hilton Worldwide, International Fund for Agriculture, FAA, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Verizon, MedImmune, Pfizer, Bank of America an US Department of the Interior.

The SHAMBAUGH Difference

SHAMBAUGH is known for results-driven programs and solutions that focus on critical leadership behaviors and strategies. For 20 years, SHAMBAUGH has built a solid reputation and brand known for its proven level of excellence, business acumen, and experience. SHAMBAUGH specializes in the following areas: leadership development, executive coaching, women's leadership and organizational effectiveness.

When you chose SHAMBAUGH, expect:

  • Unmatched Quality and Integrity
  • A Team with Strong Expertise, Experience, and Qualifications
  • Solutions and Programs That are Practical and Results-Based
  • Thought Leadership in Developing, Advancing, and Retaining Women Executives
  • Grounded Research-Based Programs Focused on Key Leadership Trends
OUr History

Founded in 1989, SHAMBAUGH’s primary focus has been to improve the core skills and capabilities of leaders and individuals at all levels within an organization.

SHAMBAUGH's wealth of knowledge and expertise incorporates a variety of proven programs, allowing participants to experience personal growth and positive impact at the individual, team and organizational levels. SHAMBAUGH is located in the Washington, DC area and has offices across the United States and abroad.

Rebecca Shambaugh, President and Founder of SHAMBAUGH, began her career working within Fortune 500 companies where she identified a critical need for helping organizations strengthen their existing and future pipeline of leaders. Based on years of research, working with a broad spectrum of organizations, and talking with hundreds of leaders and executives, SHAMBAUGH created a nationally recognized, research-based leadership model that provides a proven methodology for improving leadership effectiveness within corporate cultures.

Rebecca was awarded the Entrepreneur Organization of the Year in the greater Washington DC area, The Smart CEO Award, and Women Who Mean Business Award based on her vision, exceptional leadership and best practices worldwide. She is also known for her forward thinking vision and pioneered one of the first executive programs for women, Women In Leadership and Learning (WILL), which continues to draw hundreds of top talented women into its unique program.

A leadership expert, author and speaker on 21st Century Leadership Best Practices, Rebecca has spoken at major conferences, within organizations and leadership forums on her organization’s research and approaches to sponsorship. She is the author of several bestselling books, including: "It’s Not a Glass Ceiling, It’s a Sticky Floor" and "Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results.


The SHAMBAUGH team is a professional group of coaches, consultants and professional facilitators who are experienced business executives. They have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and importance of their work and bring a context of business objectives and personal growth.

SHAMBAUGH applies rigorous selection criteria that ensures that our team:

  • Comprised of seasoned consultants, executive coaches and professionals who are highly credentialed and possess recognized accreditation's, coaching certifications, and have served in industry executive roles and/or consulted with executives.
  • Maintains integrity, trustworthiness and confidentiality throughout the process, respecting leaders' needs and supporting them around the clock.
  • Experienced working in international/ multicultural environments and adept in making appropriate adaptations to each program and initiative based on the audience, culture, and level of readiness.
  • Provides direct, constructive, and honest feedback that is meaningful and actionable.
  • Possesses a unique understanding of success measures, business results, and human behavior and the critical link between them.